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Skydive Chicago Research Need for New Scoring System

After hosting a successful Mondial in 2016 and untold smaller and larger skydiving competitions in recent years, the brains behind Skydive Chicago are wondering if improvements can be made to the current skydiving competition scoring system.

From DZO Rook Nelson:

PD New Beginning

Skydive Chicago needs your help. We are asking any jumper who has been to a competition and used an electronic scoring system to help us build a NEXGEN scoring system. We want to ask the jumpers, judges, spectators, hosts what they value in a scoring system and build that. There is a lot of existing technology that we can use to create a very comprehensive system while being easy to use.

The team at SDC put together a short survey for anyone who has ever participated or competed in a Nationals or World Meet competition as a judge, competitor, event manager (organizer, meet director, etc) or team manager/coach.

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