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Reader question: Who’s making your jumping life better right now?

Written by Lara

Every time someone dies, we all make this pact with ourselves to not wait until a memorial to tell people we love them. We promise ourselves we’ll cherish the people closest to us and celebrate them while they’re alive. So here’s your chance! Tell us what jumper is both a) alive right now and b) making a positive difference in your life.

It doesn’t have to be a huge difference – maybe you notice that packer who always cleans up the rubber bands without complaining, or the BASE jumper who always has snacks for everyone, or the senior instructor who cheerfully organizes exit order on every load even though it’s hot and they’re stuck with the 300-pound sweaty tandem – again. Or, maybe it is a huge difference – a phenomenal AA sponsor, or the greatest tunnel coach in the world, or your USPA regional director is doing a great job for your local jumpers?

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Who is making a difference in your life right now?

Photos always help tell a story – just make sure the person in the photo wouldn’t mind having his or her picture printed in an international magazine. Selected responses will be printed in the October 2016 issue (i82) of Blue Skies Mag. We edit lightly for clarity and/or style. You can also email responses to me, Respond with the exact name you’d like us to use in print please.

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