Luke Hively releases Lucid Dreams 4

Written by Kolla

Luke Hively (or Lively, as auto-correct loves to call him) is getting to be a bit of a big deal in the extreme athlete world – and for a good reason. The kid is a hard-hitting, talented and driven athlete, who is not afraid to dream big and then go after his dreams.

Luke grew up as the child of two accomplished skydivers. His parents were his heroes, because “… they could fly,” and it was only a matter of time before he would follow in their footsteps. Luke started skydiving at 15 and BASE jumping in 2004. Now with over 2,500 jumps and 16 years in the sport, he’s racked up a nice list of accolades: a silver medal in freefly at the U.S. National Championships, 2 gold medals at other events and five largest-formation records (freefly & formation skydiving). On top of that, Luke is a freefly organizer & coach, wingsuit organizer & coach, canopy coach, SDU coach, and USPA coach.

Luke has just released the fourth installment in the Lucid Dreams Series. Narrated by Chris “Douggs” McDougall, in this one Luke journeys into the quintessential childhood dream of flight along with his teammates from the Dallas BASE Crew (DBC) – Brad and Charity Perkins, exploring through wingsuit and freefly BASE adventures.

PD New Beginning

Watch the dream come true!

BASE Jumpers in video: Nata Baez, Steve Doherty, Eric Finn, Stephen Follis, Aaron “Spready” Gray, Sam Hardy, Luke Hively, Rami Kajala, Mat Kenney, Brett Kistler, Lawrence De Laubadere, Chris “Douggs” McDougall, Scotty-Bob Morgan, Scott Paterson, Robert Pecnik, Brad Perkins, Charity Perkins, Alexander Polli, Jimmy Pouchert, Matt Robinson, Michael “Woody” Smart, Taya Weiss
Camera credits: Sam Hardy, Luke Hively, Mat Kenney, Chris “Douggs” McDougall, Brad Perkins, Michael “Woody” SmartAdditional Camera: Mike Cook, Chris Bud Osbourne, David Peretz, Charity Perkins, Matt Robinson
Supporters of the Lucid Dreams 4 project include: Apex BASE, GoWorld Project, Negative4 Productions, Phoenix Fly, Skydive Spaceland, Team Need For Speed, The Ratings Center, and World Wingsuit League.

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