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Twin Otters on a rescue mission; are best planes ever

Written by Lara

The Twin Otters most of us get to jump from on a regular basis are badasses of the aviation world. We might take them for granted sometimes, but let’s take a step back to appreciate just how BAMF they are.

Two of them are on their way now to rescue sick scientists from the South Pole – something previously thought impossible.

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From the Washington Post:

Between February and October, only one type of craft can fly to, land at and take off again from the South Pole: the tiny Twin Otter.

The initial call went to the the U.S. Air Force, which began to assemble dozens of military personnel and three C-130 Hercules planes for the rescue mission. But the temperatures at the pole were already too cold for the C-130s. The mission was scrubbed and the NSF sought an alternative: Kenn Borek’s Twin Otters.

The planes are certified to fly at temperatures as low as minus-75 degrees Celsius (minus-103 degrees Fahrenheit), according to Falkner. Their systems are a good deal simpler than the C-130’s, and they require less fuel — essential when every ounce of fuel has to be warmed for flight.

You can track the Twotters’ flight at Flight Aware.

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