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GoHawk by POA Labs

Written by Kolla

Termed the “accessory that GoPro’s have needed since they came out” – the GoHawk is now out and about in the Kickstarter world.  What is it? In short, the GoHawk is an expansion pack for the GoPro Hero4, adding three new levels of functionality (camera ports) for POV photographers (stills and video):

PD New Beginning

  • Remote shutter button.
    Save time by only shooting photos when you want to. Choose from hands-free mouth switches or a thumb triggered handlebar switch.
  • Remote LED indicator.
    Lets you know that your camera is on and recording – with a bendable indicator that can be mounted in a helmet.
  • Auxiliary USB Power Input. 
    Ideal for extended shooting – plug into any battery pack and never run out of power again.

Detailed information is available on the Kickstarter page or POA Labs website – watch the short video below and check it out – seems like a great accessory for jumpers.



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