Weather Hold

The BeeRSL (for experienced skydivers)

Written by Kolla

Reserve Static Lines (RSL’s) have been hotly debated and skydivers can be roughly divided into two groups:

  • Love them
  • Hate them

There is a third group that dares to suggest they are great for some situations but not so great for others (this group commonly refers to itself as “The Voice of Reason”). If you ever find yourself bored on a bad weather day, try to casually ask a group of skydivers if they think you should get an RSL or not: bored no more. For best results, have a solid mix of age and experience level in the group.

PD New Beginning

Tony Hathaway is well known for his skills behind the camera but Tony is also a rigger and an innovator. He recently came up with this device, which should settle the RSL debate once and for all*.  Tony said it the best: “Because after a cutaway we all need a beer!”.

NOTE: because this is the internet, we feel we must point out that the BeeRSL is presented here for fun, and we do not actually recommend that you go ahead and tamper with your lifesaving devices using cans of beer, velcro and a sewing machine. Or anything else. Stay safe and when in doubt, ask your rigger. If you are wildly lucky, your rigger might be Tony Hathaway. 


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