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Illegal Ninja – Russia Trip

Written by Kolla

This video of a ‘yellow Ninja having a day out with a Russian bear’ has been floating around the internet for a few days. It mixes skydiving, BASE jumping, Mother Russia, a helmet clad yellow Ninja and a few other things, all set to the tune of an 80’s style computer game. Complete with bonus levels. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out the Illegal Ninja | Russian Trip video below:

Having watched it a few times, we were still not entirely sure what the heck we just saw, so we reached out to the Ninja behind the Ninja – Russian skydiver and blogger Valera Boluchevsky to see if he could give us a little bit of back story:

PD New Beginning

I hope you’ve already seen The Illegal Ninja video and had a lot of fun watching it. I wanted to make it a bit more creative than what you usually see in action videos. I also wanted to honor 8 bit games and comic books because they were an important part of my life when I was a kid. Take a look at the behind the scenes here (and don’t forget to watch the main video first if you haven’t seen it). 

So – that explains it completely!
For our bonus level, we got some insider behind the scenes photos to share. Stay weird Valera, we look forward to see what you come up with next!



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