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Petition for Intermediate 2-Way MFS at USPA Nationals

Photo by Billy Ricard
Written by Kolla

By Brandon Bylina

PD New Beginning

Without a doubt, USPA Nationals is one of the most incredible events in the world of skydiving. For a week it unifies a unique, nationwide, tight-knit group of people who share a common passion. It enables those truly dedicated competitors to finally showcase their skills and the fruits of their hard labor on a national stage. Alongside the champions and professionals stand a debatably more important group: the novices, the newcomers, the youth, the tunnel babies, the weekend warriors.

They rise every year, desperate for the competitive experience and hungry with motivation. They are the next generation of our sport. The inclusion of an Intermediate category of 2-Way MFS provides the perfectly accessible doorway through which future world champions can enter our beloved competitive world. Both the number of MFS entrants as well as their scores doubled between the 2014 and 2015 USPA Nationals. The trend signals the explosive growth that the nascent MFS discipline is currently experiencing, and introduction of an Intermediate category will provide the growing room for MFS to take root and truly thrive, eventually rivaling the size of the FS competitive pool. That growth will ultimately lead to the meaningful expansion of our sport and our world. This is a call on all skydivers, old and new, belly warriors and freaks, speed flyers and wingsuiters, competitors and those who simply love the sky: sign the petition to convince USPA to include an Intermediate category for 2-Way MFS.

Brandon along with his partner Connor Livingston make up 2-way MFS team Air Force Superbad. They have been skydiving since August 2014 and competing since December 2015 (USPA Collegiate Nationals). They hope other skydivers can help them persuade the USPA to add the 2-way MFS to competition line-up by adding their name to the petition.

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