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Jeb Corliss – Flying Dagger

Written by Kolla

XTreme Video is thrilled to announce the release of “Flying Dagger” – an amazing story of the legendary wingsuit pilot, Jeb Corliss, which will be exclusively available on Vimeo on demand for rent and download today, January 26, 2016.  Watch exclusive footage from his terrible wingsuit accident at Table Mountain, South Africa and his painful recovery to get to his next mission : a flight through a 15 ft (4.5m) wide crack in the Jianglang Mountains in China.

January 2012, Jeb Corliss, the world’s most recognized wingsuit pilot, miraculously survived a terminal velocity wingsuit accident at Table Mountain, South Africa. For the first time ever, you will get to hear what really happened and witness never-before-seen angles from this tragic accident.

PD New Beginning

Because of his accident, Jeb endured painful operations and physiotherapy in order to get to his next mission: to fly through a narrow crack in the Jianglang Mountains in China’s Zhejian Province, which is only 60 feet (18m) wide at the top and 15 feet (4.5m) at the bottom. “Flying Dagger” gives an up-close and personal insight into the career and achievements of Corliss in the lead up to this spectacular flight. This film is an inspiring story about redemption, a man’s journey to face his demons, to fulfill his dreams and strong determination to make them a reality.

Check out the trailer here below. Following the release, we plan to work with the gang at XTreme Video to offer up a free film voucher – probably at some point next week. Cool stuff!

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