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Team Fly4Life moves to Skydive Deland

Written by Kolla

Deland, FL­ Team Fly4Life has moved to Skydive Deland after a busy summer on the road and is ready to go for the upcoming winter season in Florida. They join an already amazing lineup of facilities, aircraft and awesome neighbors (Tribu Freefly, Flight­1, AlterEgo and Skydive U).

The team is available for 1­on­1 or group coaching, organizing, as well as running training camps for a variety of disciplines and skill levels. Their 2015­16 schedule so far includes Warm­Up Angle Camp (Oct 29-Nov 1), Team Fly4Life Angle Camp (Nov 17­-21), and March Flight Camp (Mar 15­-19 2016). There are plans in the works for several other events and fun organized activities at the dropzone from now until the boys are back on the road next summer.

PD New Beginning

Team Fly4Life is a group d​edicated to the progress, training, education, sharing, promotion, and ENJOYMENT of human flight. T​he team is made up of Luis Prinetto, Manuel Guevara, Claudio Cagnasso and Richard Scheurich. F​or booking inquiries, questions or just to see what they are up to, contact the team at i​,​visit them on Facebook or on Instagram @teamfly4life.


XP FLOWQUENTIALS flying with @luisprinetto @paracletexp @uptvector @performancedesigns photo by @instakeet

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