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Skydive Tecumseh hosting “Get to Know Your Reserve” Event

Written by Kolla

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By Nick Barson, event organizer.

Michigan dropzone Skydive Tecumseh will be hosting an event for its jumpers and visitors the weekend of August 22-23, 2015, in cooperation with Aerodyne Research.

The goal of the event is to allow participants to experience what it is like to fly a reserve canopy – without having to experience a malfunction or an emergency beforehand. A tour rep from Aerodyne will be on hand with several reserve demos, ready to assist jumpers in selecting a canopy that fits their experience and skill level. For those that want to practice tight landings, an inflatable obstacle landing area will be set up for those who wish to practice tight off field landings.

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Rules/Restrictions: ALL licensed jumpers are welcome to participate. However, only C & D licensed jumpers will be allowed to land in the obstacle area. A & B licensed jumpers MUST receive coaching on how to fly/land the reserve canopies before being allowed to jump them. All reserve jumps must be done as hop-n-pops (no terminal velocity openings allowed). The reserve you jump must be equal to or larger than your current main parachute.

Prizes: There will be numerous prizes for participating in this event. “Grand Prize” is a discount voucher for a full set of gear from Aerodyne (main/container/reserve). There will also be a discount voucher for a new main, as well as a discounted voucher for a new reserve. All prizes will be given away by random drawing. For every jump you do on an Aerodyne standard reserve you receive 2 entries. For every jump you do on an Aerodyne sport main you receive 1 entry. Jumpers will be eligible to win more than one prize in the random prize drawing with the exception of the “Grand Prize”. If you have already won a prize and your name is drawn for the Grand Prize you can choose to keep what you have already won OR take the grand prize. Prizes surrendered in this circumstance will go back into the random drawing.

There is a $25.00 registration fee (click here to sign up). The first 50 registrants (or all registrants received by August 1st whichever is greater) will get an event t-shirt. Photo and video will be taken of the landings. All are welcome to come back to the campground in Tecumseh Saturday and Sunday evenings for some food, beverages, and to watch video of the day’s landings in the obstacle area. Come on out for what is sure to be an amazing event! Please call 517-423-7720 with any questions or visit the event page on Facebook.

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