Parasport Skydiving releases the first of “F” series in jumpsuits

Written by Kolla

Parasport Skydiving (formerly Parasport Italia) has begun to incorporate new materials and fabrics in their line of jumpsuits, aiming for noting less than a revolution!

Product_Update_F1_pdf__page_1_of_3_The first model in a new line of jumpsuits, the “F” series, will be available in July – beginning with the F1.

PD New Beginning

Designed to be comfortable, easy to fly, durable, reliable, and cool, it’s designed to be affordable for everyone. Quite versatile, it can be used as general purpose suit, free-fly beginner suit, or wind-tunnel flying.

For more information, please click the attached press release or visit the Parasport website.

Product Update F1


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