Swoop Challenge in Copenhagen, Denmark

Written by Kolla


Swoop Challenge is a Danish outfit that is all about bringing swooping to people – and in the process, provide opportunities and recognition of swooper. In June Swoop Challenge is putting on the first professional freestyle swooping competition organized in the heart of a major city: Copenhagen, Denmark.  The plan is for 6 days of intense competition and a fantastic show for the audience.

Athletes from 11 nations will be attending the training camp and qualifiers at Dropzone Denmark in Herning, Denmark, competing for one of the top 16 spots in the Swoop Finals taking place in Copenhagen on Saturday June 13. This event is surely something to keep an eye out for and we are hoping to see many fantastic videos at the end of it!

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For more about Swoop Challenge, visit their website, like them on Facebook (or for this particular event, join the Event page).


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