Jetman Dubai: Young Feathers 4K

Written by Kolla

Phenomenal video from Jetman Dubai: Young Feathers 4k.

Yves Rossy is well known for his pursuit of engine-powered flight for humans – outside of the traditional vehicle of aircrafts. The second person in this phenomenal duo is Red Bull athlete Vince Reffet. Vince hardly needs an introduction in the world of skydiving or BASE jumping. Named Yves’s protegé, Vince and Yves are now flying together with amazing precision and choreography.
The desolate sand dunes and bustling city of Dubai provide an amazing and hugely contrasting backdrop for the aerial dance of two jet-powered humans.  The video is just over 11 minutes long and will hold you captivated from start to finish. 

PD New Beginning

Perhaps my most favorite part of the video is where Yves says:

“I’m not playing with death, I am playing with life”.


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