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This woman was sick of eating ramen noodles. You won’t believe what she did next.

"Good and Cheap," a free budget cookbook from Leanne Brown,
"Good and Cheap," a free budget cookbook from Leanne Brown,
Written by Lara

I really just wanted to come up with a good click-bait post title.

But seriously, a lot of us are on drop-zone budgets and if it comes down to choosing between a nice dinner out or another jump ticket, which would you choose?

Douggs gave us some good recipes for feasting on the cheap in his series “A Scumbag’s Guide to Adventure Living” (check out issue #32 at his site, and here is even more help.

PD New Beginning

Leanne Brown published a free pdf cookbook for scrawny budgets called “Good and Cheap,” available at She also just launched a Kickstarter project to put the cookbook in print and make free copies available for people who need them:

So if you need some good and cheap recipes, download that pdf! If you have a bit to help, support her Kickstarter.

Do you have any go-to recipes for cheap gourmet DZ eating?

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