Squirrel releases the IBEX

Photo courtesy of Squirrel
Written by Kolla

That title paints a picture of an odd hostage situation, doesn’t it?
However, the Squirrels we are referring to are the wingsuit wearing ones, now expanding in to the wide world of parachutes by releasing the latest beast in the Squirrel family: the IBEX.

From the website:

PD New Beginning

Nimble, Agile, and Strong, the IBEX is our new lightweight / low-bulk wingsuit BASE canopy. It is equipped with two Mini-Vents, which are a standard option.

Created by engineers, tested on animals, and used by madmen, the IBEX is the best all-around wingsuit BASE canopy that we have ever flown. Our mission for the IBEX was to create a versatile and reliable canopy for wingsuit BASE, with progressive openings and great handling.

The IBEX is the result of a wide collaboration between Squirrel engineers, team pilots, and partners with many decades of combined para-foil design, construction, and testing experience. The IBEX has been tested in all of its natural environments and beyond, from Chamonix to Moab. We think the two bottom surface mini-vents, which are included standard, provide just the right amount of push during the opening sequence and make this a highly versatile canopy.

Read on to learn more about the specifics of this new design, and we look forward to hearing about your adventures in the wild with this new animal.

For more information and to watch a Load Test Drop video, visit the IBEX product page on the Squirrel website.

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