BSBD: Dan Vicary and Ludo Woerth

BSBDcrop smTwo well-known and respected BASE jumpers, Dan Vicary and Ludo Woerth, died Saturday March 29th in a wingsuiting accident in Switzerland. The accident took place after a jump from a helicopter over the Luetschental valley near Bern. A third jumper whose name has not yet been released was seriously injured.

We are deeply saddened by the news and send our sincerest sympathies to family and friends of Ludo and Dan and wish the third jumper a full and fast recovery. 

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News article: MSN NZ


  • WOW! Sorry to hear this! Ive seen a few accidents (fatal) and its never a pretty sight! But I still love skydiving! There is a risk in everything we do daily! We never know when our time is up! So be ready! ACCEPT THE SAVIOR OF THIS WORLD JESUS CHRIST. THEN WE CAN GO SKYDIVING IN HEAVEN!!

    • R.I.P.
      It’s sad when something like this happens, but they passed doing something they loved…however my thoughts goes to the beloved and friends in times like these, NOT trying to use ‘Christ’ as a selling pitch…for all I know they could be Hindi, Muslims or even atheists…

    • I find it pathetic to piggyback on such a drama to sell your religious bullshit. Just visiting your website is enough to laugh for a few days, but we’re not laughing here, the community lost 2 great guys, so go bother someone else.
      If any admin reads this, please delete this post, it has nothing to do here. And you can delete mine as well as it will be useless.

    • Hey, Jesse…you and your “jonny-come-lately” religion need to STFU. According to your bullshitible, everything is predestined, there is NO free will (seriously, read your stupid book). That means your “god” killed these two this way for fun, rather than allowing them to live a full life and positively affect the people who knew them or would have known them, and letting them, eventually, pass in their sleep after a full life.

      Not only that, but if everything is predestined and your “god” is perfect, as says your bullshitible, that means the FIRST religion would have been the only one ordained perfect by your “god.”

      So why aren’t you Hindi?

      Now STFU. Injecting religion into a tragedy like this, especially a religion as moronic as Christianity, is heinous. You should get your head out of your ass and realize you’re the victim of mental conditioning, which started the second mummy and daddy put your little hands together and said “Now I lay me down to sleep….”

      • Sounds like a lot of you could use some religion in your lives…..why such hateful talk
        /reply because someone states their beliefs, whatever they may be, in a sentence?? Tolerance for another persons view is what you need to learn.

    • You Jesse, are an inconsiderate degenerate who used this unofficial condolence section as a public space to plug your illogical agenda of Religion. I think myself and the others who have since replied to your moronic sentiment speak on behalf of most when we advise you which particular cavity you can insert said thoughts.

  • Back to the reason of this post. We are all saddened by this very tragic event. My thoughts and condolescenses to the families. Hope the third jumper recovers completely and maybe we can also understand from his perspective what went terribly wrong with such incredibly skilled pilots and professionals.

  • Religion is crap. The real gospel is unconditional love. Mad prayers and respect to the families left without their friends and loved ones, this life is but a breath. At least these people went down pursuing their dreams, some believe dreams are given by the Creator and to pursue them is doing the Lords will…..
    Life is amazing, and extremely thankful for it, but death…… That will be an adventure we all get to share.


  • Really sad, does anyone have more details? it just seems so outrageous to have all 3 of them gone on the same jump!?

    • Vincent Descols analysis of what went wrong, taken from the WWL page on Facebook:

      “Hi everyone,

      I cannot sleep because of the accidents… I feel even more concerned as I was supposed to be in that heli…
      Many people ask for news, so instead of letting speculations spread, I’d rather share the videos datas. It was truly not an pleasant task… but as we did the same kind of heli drop the day before with Dan and Brian, I needed to understand.

      I’m not talking about who or why, performances or skills, but just the basic facts that can happen to any flyer and lead to a tragic end. This drama has to be useful!!

      Again, sorry if that sounds akward but there are things to learn from it, and I simply want to share.

      It should have been a steep line (seen in Dreamline 4), but they didn’t connect the line because they didn’t fly above the ridge they wanted, and ended circling around that ridge with only pretty flat terrain in front of them

      – Flight time 1’20, drop altitude 2750m
      – Flight high above opening height during 40s, losing slowly height above terrain, slow speed (maybe some Foehn wind as well)
      – Getting smoothly lower during 10s before 15s of flight below opening height (no low proxy). Still slow speed.
      – Left turn in order to reach steeper terrain (not visible before, huge ridge). Instead flatter terrain.
      – window of time 3s with possibility of low pull (10s for 1 of the 3)
      – too low for any pull during 14s, lifting for life, hoping to reach the incoming steep break… :-(((

      Brian Drake is still in coma, hunger of your good vibes for a wake up.

      They almost did it to the break (10m too low for Dan and Brian, 3m for Ludo). It is the long flat valley they flew that bring them down, not hardcore proximity flight…

      I’m so sad…, I definitely blame no one. They were all outstanding flyers, this situation can happen to many of us. I was supposed to be there with them, I just wanted to know what difficulties I would have had to face.

      This flight shows everyone who rides the planet with any flying object what kind of decisions one must be prepared to take quickly, in order to stay alive on the long term.
      Sticking to the facts, this drama shows us that 2 decisions of no pull were made, in a time that can be short (40s first and only 3s after the left turn).

      No one knows what could have been our choices in this stressful situation. We went to the crash site and I found the terrain glide ratio tricky and not so easy to evaluate. When shit starts, we must act fast because it’s usually not getting better…
      So within those seconds, what could help to take a decision?
      I believe the questions must be simple and the answer as well. Yes or No, without ANY doubts. Maybe is a No! I have my own “Do List” of that kind, every time I fly/track under my own opening height (100m), too casually called proxy. Mine is:
      Do I have enough speed?
      Is my glide flatter or steeper than the ground?
      Escape line?

      If any of the answers is a No, then I need to pull, wherever I will land whatever happens after. Otherwise I’m dead.
      To help me answer correctly and faster, I analyse the complete line and escape lines, the weather, and I use well known tricks to compare my glide to the ground, like lining up 3 points forward and looking at the change of angle when getting closer.

      Again, it’s easy to say sitting on a chair, much much harder in flight. They were great humans, and as humans we make mistakes, all of us.

      RIP my friends

      Love and Peace

      Le Blond”

      • May they RIP.

        I’m not a wingsuiter.

        Do you have any sense of why they made the circle around the ridge leading out over an unknown relatively flat valley? Was this planned or improvised?

        Of your “Do list” it seems they bypassed each warning. They did not know the terrain/line. Did not have speed. Did not have escape line. Did not have positive flight angle vs. ground.

        Also by your analysis, it apperared that they had roughly 15s of flight time below safe pull altitude but still above emergency low pull altitude when no escape line was in sight or known.

        Many significant “turn back” points were ignored, a common pattern to such tragedies.

        Then again it seems several highly technical lines fall into this category–sketchy losing altitude across a plateau/meadow then a gulley opens up to dive into last second. Guessing the guys that opened such lines were in the same category, but had the good fortune of finding a line that worked.

        I’m also not understanding your point about this not being hardcore proximity flying. It appears to me this is the most hardcore type of proximity flying…trying to clear a notch/plateau/hole/pass where the flyer must commit early to a single escape trajectory that cannot be precisely calculated,

        Seems many of the big guys Dickinson Hunt Potter Mario etc. died under same scenario.

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