High Fashion at the Ranch Pro Shop

The Ranch Pro Shop at the Blue Skies Ranch in Gardiner, NY is all about taking care of their customers.  With fall squarely in place and winter rapidly approaching, most northernly DZ and jumpers are busy putting away their bikinis and getting ready for either a trip south or hibernation.

Manscaping at the Ranch Pro ShopBut they do things a little differently at the Ranch (and by the way, a visit to that DZ should be on every jumpers bucket list).  During a slow day at the shop, this manscaping took place.  I really have no words to describe this photo, but I think it speaks quite clearly for itself.  Bring on the Blue Steel.

PD New Beginning

If you want to express your admiration, ask for more photos or just leave a stunned comment, head on to the Ranch Pro Shop Facebook page where this treasure first appeared.

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