BSBD Mike Truffer; a legend

Mike Truffer, the man behind the much beloved Skydiving Magazine has passed away from injuries sustained on a jump during Memorial Day Weekend.

Truffer was a legend and then some in the skydiving community. He was an active jumper and an encyclopedia on two legs when it came to anything skydiving.  Mike was a curious mix of very progressive and totally old school, and true to himself through thick or thin. With Mike, what you saw is what you got, usually in a non-coddling manner.  If you watched closely, a carefully hidden soft side shone through around kids and animals.

Fact is, that without Mike Truffer and Sue Clifton, his partner in life and in Skydiving Magazine, Blue Skies Magazine would not have been. We will touch on that story and do our bit to honor Truffer and his memory in our next issue (#44 – July). To get that done, we have to do some space/time manipulating, so please forgive us if we are a little late out of the gates.

PD New Beginning

I’m sure Truffer would have hated us making a fuss, which is why we must.
If you have memories or photos you would like to share in our next issue (or in a separate gallery online), please send a note to editor Lara ( as soon as you can, or share in the comment section below. 

Our deepest sympathies to his partner Sue, as well as family and friends around the world.

Good bye Truffer, you are already missed.

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  • Sad day and end of an era. Skydiving Magazine was the only home to BASE jumping lore and advancements for many years and attributed to BASE jumping growth more then any other publication. Modern day pirate of the press. Gonna miss that guy.

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