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P3 Big-Way camps are underway for the next three weekends.  Attendance is high, and so are the winds this first day. Guess it’s time to make a post.

According to organizers, over 130 people registered and showed up for this series of camps and over half are first time campers.

“We are seeing growth in newcomers every year,” Kate Copper Said.

The first, this weekend, is just that, a camp for just about anyone who can make the pre-requisites.  This weekend will be nuts and bolts of Big-Way Skydiving for the newcomers and a refresher for veteran camp attendees.  This is hands on experience from the pros.  Those that do well, learn fast and apply, safely, what they are taught, move on to the next weekend.

Next weekend will be the test and goal of this camp, 100 Ways.  Full on 100-Way skydives, all four days.  I’ve been here before and seen people with no bigger then a 10-way get on a 100 and do very well.  If you pay attention you can see it.  You can see the progress in the video, in the faces and vibe of the whole event. It’s pretty cool to be around for sure.

The final weekend is “Spring Fling”, and invitational based on the campers progress, goals and workability.  The Spring Fling is another animal all together.

“The spring fling is a challenging and highly “Technical” skydive and is invitational only.  This year we will attempt “The Flower” and should be in the 100-120 jumper range  pulling jumpers from the last two weeks camps.  This is a fun three, four-day weekend stretch of jumping.” Says, Kate Cooper of P3.

The Technical Big Way Skydiving Formationg

And if you think that might be out of your reach, think again.  Go check out P3’s site.  Just about anyone with minimal skydiving and survival skills can get to a camp.  It’s within the group structure that the learning curve moves skyward. I believe if people knew how easy it is to get started in big way skydiving more people would run to these events.  Many dz’s would love to have an RW contention back home and getting some of your younger jumpers trained up will create RW leaders for your own DZ.

PD New Beginning

Find out more about P3 and Big-Way instruction on the website.

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More wind.  What’s an ADD’er to do in this weather!  Write.

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