Kickstarting “On Borrowed Wings” – the documentary

We have told you a little bit about the documentary “On Borrowed Wings” before. If you missed that, click here to catch up and then come right back.

They are ready to move into phase 2 with funding to get this baby off the ground, utilizing the popular website Kickstarter. What is Kickstarter? Well, basically a funding platform that allows people who dream big (or medium) to raise capital for making those dreams (or projects) to come true, with the help of good peeps who can spare a few dollars.

PD New Beginning

But, this is not like your average PayPal donation where you just get a nice email saying thanks. When you help Kickstart something, you usually get some swag or recognition in return. The size of that frequently depends on the size of your contribution – you pledge – to the cause.  Check out their Kickstarter page for more information – and what you get for your pledged $$ to see if this project is something you’d want to get behind.

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