Save Steep Mountain!

Quite a few skydivers also dabble in hang gliding, paragliding and/or speedriding – and of those, many have taken their first tentative steps under a glider off of Steep Mountain in Utah at the Point of the Mountain Flight Park.

Thanks to the local climate, the Point offers unparalleled opportunities for teaching, training, flying and playing.  People travel from all over the world to fly at the Point, and the location is used by hikers, bikers, joggers alike – in peace and harmony.
Both the “bunny hill” on the South Side Steep Mountain on the North Side are used for teaching, training and playing.

Steep Mountain is being mined by Geneva Rock Products, who owns a sizable portion of the Western end of the mountain. They have permits in place and have voiced their intent of moving further East. Any movement in that direction will impact access to the county owned flight park, as well as homeowners in the vicinity, many of those jumpers and paragliders. Geneva Rock is willing to discuss the situation and have expressed interest in a diplomatic solution.

PD New Beginning

That is where you come in. Please sign the petition to ask Salt Lake County officials to sit down to talk about possible solutions that would preserve the flight park and the environment around it.  Even if you are not a paraglider – please lend your signature supporting our fellow nylon-pilots in Utah and sign the petition to help get talks started.

Visit the Save Steep Mountain website for more info or keep up via their Facebook page.

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