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Blue Skies Mag issue 41 March 2013
i41: March 2013 | "Jeff Dean, a fire fighter in Ottawa, Canada, in full bunker gear. Photo by Dave Gransden."
Written by Lara

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On the Cover

Dave Gransden took this shot of Jeff Dean in full firefighter hotness gear. He’s kicking Nicole Smith’s Tempting Phate Phinale story. Unintentionally, I’m sure. You can check out all the photos from the article in our recap.

Blue Skies Mag issue 41 March 2013

Jeff Dean, a firefighter in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, in full bunker gear. Photo by Dave Gransden.


The FlyBy

  • Mexico Women’s National Record by Laura Escobedo
  • CarolinaFest Back On!
  • Reader News
  • Gator Games at Skydive City
    Blue Skies Mag March 2013

    Gator Games 2013 | Photo by Ben Lowe

  • Industry Beat
  • First TonySuits Wingsuits Coach Course
  • New PD Factory Team Members
  • Monthly tit4tat
  • iFly Singapore Sets Records
  • Florida Women’s Freefly State Record
  • Dan BC and Joe Kittenger at PIA

Paragliding: A Skydiver’s Experience

By Blannie Wagner.

Blannie and her boyfriend Garrett are starting a new kind of drop zone, Truman Lake Air Sports, for all kinds of air sports – skydiving, powered parachuting, paragliding, and more. First, she has to learn to paraglide.

Tightwad, MO, population 69 is Blannie's hometown and an actual place that exists.

Tightwad, MO, population 69 is Blannie’s hometown and an actual place that exists.

Buying & Selling Used Gear, Or, How to Not Get Stabbed by a Rigger.

By Rory Corrigan, the Angry Rigger.

What, you don’t know if risers go with the main, reserve, or harness/container when you sell a rig? Or, you don’t know how to properly label a homemade canopy card? Don’t worry, we don’t either. Rory didn’t label that card wrong, so no hate mail to him! Direct it all to me,, the idiot who still has to hold up her hands to see the left one makes the L.

Homemade canopy card with left and right mislabeled. By me.

Homemade canopy card with left and right mislabeled. By me.

Be-Good or Getting-Better?

By Beth Athanas, M.S.

If you beat yourself up for not being able to hang with the cool 5-way head-down kids when you only started backflying two weeks ago, Beth might have some tips you can use. And here’s the link for future reading if you want more: Succeed: How We Can Reach Our Goals, Heidi Grant Halvorson Ph.D.


By Brian Buckland.

Buy the magazine. See the glory. Dubai.

PD New Beginning

Few Excuses for Frustrated Tunnel Flyers

By the always adorable Julien Peelman, NZ Aerosports.

The cutest Frenchie drops some physics on yo’ tunnel-hating ass.

Turning Points: World Class Family Affair

By Kurt Gaebel, National Skydiving League.

Hayabusa! Sounds like a good curse word. It’s not. And for you, Eric Elijah Florio, the “NMP-Pch” is an acronym for the team’s sponsors, the Belgian army. In news actually related to Kurt’s column, the issue of family comes up in competitive 4-way more than you might think.

NMP Pch HayaBusa

NMP Pch HayaBusa

Turning Back Time

By the Fuckin’ Pilot, Dean Ricci.

Surprise, surprise, surprise – the fuckin’ pilot wants out of the real world. Read up to see what Middle Eastern country with a charismatic skydiving prince landed the world’s best twotter driver.

Yes Yes Yes

By Melanie Curtis.

Ease up and you might find things falling into place. Have you ever read one of Mel’s columns and not gotten something useful out of it for your life? Me neither.

Melanie Curtis, life guru

Dear SkyGod

SkyGod would like to help the ladies protect their investments. At a discount.


By Moe Viletto.

Another awesomely true back-in-the-day BASE story. A rural Harley-riding judge who likes BASE jumpers would be a good friend to have, no?

The End.

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