Daylight Savings Time Cometh, ready yourselves!

It’s that time again, when those of us living in the US states that observe daylight savings can get a little lost. It happens every spring and every fall, yet EVERY time it results in someone showing up at the DZ too late, too early, or too hung over.


In this day and age of cell phones & computers that automatically update, things have certainly gotten better.  The biological clock still needs some manual adjustment though, so get ready! The old saying “spring forward, fall backwards” tells you which direction to move the big hand on the clock. If your clock has no hands, you’ll have to resort to old fashion math. As the clock strikes 2:00 AM Sunday night, it will no longer be 2:00 AM, but magically be 3:00 AM. Hogwarts style. Just go with it, Muggles.

PD New Beginning

This means that we will have one less hour to sleep between Saturday and Sunday. It is imperative that those attending dropzone parties or hanging out at the bar adjust their beer intake on Saturday night accordingly.  Miscalculating # of beers versus # of hours to recover can have serious and unpleasant consequences.

We wish you all the best of luck transitioning into spring – now let’s get some sweet sunset loads going!



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