Swooping the Hard Rock

Curt Bartholomew

Curt Bartholomew

When you are the World Champion of Canopy Piloting, it goes without saying that you are a bit of a bad-ass under canopy, right?  Check out this video of Curt Bartholomew from Team Alter Ego demonstrating a laid back afternoon by the pool at a nice resort, tropical style.

PD New Beginning

Then watch it again, and pay special attention to the slow motion stuff from Curt’s view-point….  dang!
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  • he’s obviously skilled. However i would like to se what would have happened if he’d crashed into a family, hurting a kid or two. What a retard to risk to hurt others in this way.

  • A. Your grammar is atrocious
    B. Your use of the word “retard” is disrespectful
    C. What if the Blue Angels crashed into the crowd during a fly over? What if, what if, what if…
    D. Stop whining and enjoy the entertainment

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