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Good morning and happy President’s Day! We are spending this day honoring great American presidents by updating our website a little. It’s what they would have wanted, I’m sure.

Our site has been achingly slow since our last theme update, so that’s the main reason for the switch. I also want to make it easier to change addresses, send feedback, and react to stories in the mag. You might notice a blip or two today as we switch over and we apologize for constantly changing things up on you. Hopefully we’ll come out the other side with a blazing fast, super sweet website.

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If you have any feedback or suggestions please let me know! And if you’re like me, you probably don’t give a rat’s ass about company’s website changes – so for you, here is a picture of a one-man balloon from Flightglobal’s Image of the Day blog:

One-man balloon from Flight's Image of the Day blog

One-man balloon from Flight’s Image of the Day blog

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  • And arghghsdjflsdfj after a few hiccups last night, the website is indeed functioning and faster. However, it is ugly. More changes in store and apologies if you tried to subscribe or renew last night!

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