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First FLCPA meet of the year: records and injuries

This past weekend saw FLCPA season’s first meet of the FLCPA at Skydive City, with near record participation. A total of 48 competitors with a healthy mix of pros and amateurs came to compete on a cold weekend in Florida (no, not Canada cold, just cold by Florida standards).

Brian McNenney of Slipstream Airsports took home Gold overall, Albert Berchtold came in second and Jerry Hannon third.
2 new state records were set: Golden Knight Greg Windmiller set a new Florida State speed record (2.476 seconds) and Paul Rodriguez of Southern California laid down 95.36 meters during the second round of distance.

PD New Beginning

A couple of competitors needed to visit nearby medical institutions after swoops gone wrong during their respective runs.
Jeannie Anderson (amateur class) hit the pond hard in practice and was transported to the hospital. Injuries turned out to be minor and she was released to go home and recover a couple of days later.  During one of Kelsey Mizeur’s (pro class) competition runs, an A-B line broke during the turn.  Kelsey hit hard and had a surgery to repair L2 as a result.  Those two incidents remind us that competitive canopy piloting is serious business and should be treated as such. The demands on both pilots and gear are higher than during a normal skydive – especially for those using CP specific gear (such as an RDS or thinner than stock lines). We wish both competitors a full and speedy recovery!

Complete results and a brief writeup can be found on the website.

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