Flock and Doc 9.0

Flock and dockTonySuits and Wicked Wingsuits have teamed up to bring you the 9th installment of Flock and Dock, taking place at Skydive City, Zephyrhills April 4-7th.

Over 50 people are already registered for the event and the goal of the organizers is to go bigger and bigger, both in terms of participation and formations. Several vendors that cater to wingsuiters will be on site peddling their wares and offering information, demos and goodies. We also have some insider info and happen to know that the organizers are planning on a sweet raffle with many great prices, including a subscription to an awesome publication.

PD New Beginning

Some details:
For your entry fee, you get a t-shirt boogie bag and the coveted raffle ticket (with sweet, sweet prices, including a subscription to a certain publication!).
There will be a party on Saturday night (theme TBD) and rumor has it that the Wickey Angels will show up.  SkyGod is highly pleased with that one.
Organizers and videographers are Scott Bland, Scott Callentine, Purple Mike, Jeff Donahue and Simon Repton. 

More information can be found on the the Flock and Dock 9.0  event website.



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