EU Female Record cancelled – sporting code disrespected

The FAI sends out newsletters on regular basis with information about competitions, records and other events.  The record information newsletters are usually a bit dull, but if you are into that kind of stuff the information of who/where/how and what is provided.
They traditionally send one out when the record is filed and another one when it’s been verified and ratified and FAI-i-fied and all that good stuff. If you’d like to receive the updates via e-mail, visit the FAI website “mailing lists” section and sign up (select “parachuting” or whatever else interests  you from the drop down menu). 

This morning one of those newsletters showed up in my inbox  – but this time with a “cancelled” in the headline.  That’s a first, at least in the time that I’ve been a subscriber. The cancellation pertained to Record Claim number 16588, for Class G (Parachuting) European record – the largest formation record in the female category.

The record (an 88-way) was set in Kolomna, Russia on July 21st, 2012, beating the then current (and now again current) record of 70, set in 2008.  Reason given for cancellation: “Sporting code not completely respected” 

PD New Beginning

I am not sure what exactly that means, but my guess is that not every participant on the record had a valid FAI Sporting License (issued by their NAC) – but I don’t know. If you know why the record was cancelled, please drop us a line so we can update this post, or simply share it in the comments below!
And – let this be a lesson, if you plan to participate in a record-setting event or compete internationally, get your Sporting Licence in order well in advance.  The same thing goes for USPA members – if you are going for state or national records that are going to be recognized by the USPA, you’ll have to be a valid and current member at the time!  


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