Rhythm rebuilds – lineup for 2013 complete!

If you follow high level competitive 4-way with any enthusiasm, you probably know that SDC Rhythm XP recently took a bit of a blow when 2 team members (Chris Farina and Thiago Gomez) – the entire rear piece in fact – upped and left for greener pastures in Arizona.  Both joined Arizona Airspeed, Chris as the new point and Thiago as #6 – the alternate.

Rhythm wasn’t too daunted and Steve and JaNettte Lefkowitz set to recruit new team members. They recently announced that Mikhail Markine (previously on team Vibe) will be flying tail and Christy Frikken (of Perris Fury) taking the Inside Center slot. Alex Bittner remains on as the team videographer. Alex commented that the old core members are very excited to see what Christy and Mikhail bring to the team in terms of energy, experience and attitude.
With just a few short months until the 2013 USPA Nationals at Skydive Chicago, the team is planning on an aggressive training schedule starting later this month.

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Kurt from NSL did a bit of a writeup on the NSL website as well, and I am sure we will see more thoughts from him in upcoming columns of “Turning Points” in coming editions of Blue Skies Magazine. – but you’ll need to be a subscriber to get to feast your eyes on those goods!

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