BASE jumper injured at Bobby’s Rock on Camelback Mountain, AZ

A 24-year old jumper sustained significant injuries from a cliff strike following a BASE jump off Bobby’s Rock on Camelback Mountain, in Phoenix, AZ.  The jumper had to be rescued from a ledge and then transported to a hospital. From what we hear, the jumper stands to recover well.

News report (including a video from another BASE jump at Bobby’s rock) can be found here.

PD New Beginning

Bobby’s Rock is legal to jump, as long as jumpers stick to designated trails in the area. It is however not a place for beginners. A local jumper estimated the jump from exit point to be 240 feet to impact, with the landing area located another 120 ft below that.

Photographer Niklas Daniel from AXIS Flight School has an entry on Bobby’s Rock on his blog, complete with a great photo slide show.


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