Hypoxic tutorial: Set up your GoPro HD HERO3 for skydiving

Trunk from Hypoxic somehow managed to quiet down his ADHD for long enough to put together this most excellent guide for confused skydivers who just want their brand new GoPros to work, dammit.

What does it all mean?
What am I doing with the footage?  How many frames per second do I need for my bad-ass 6 point average 4-way team?
What mode do I want?  Should I worry about aspect ratio?  Isn’t bigger automatically better? Or isn’t it?

The writeup starts off a bit expert-y for most of us, but if you make it through the technical mumbo-jumbo, there is a very handy simple guide about half way down the page.

PD New Beginning

At the end, Trunk wraps up with a short paragraph on known issues with the GoPro Hero 3, and provides a link to a place with a more detailed descriptions. If you are just dying for more, there are also links for more info and geeky stuff.

Many thanks to Trunk for distilling the information for the rest of us – we look forward to see what comes out of the mad laboratory next!   Now go read.

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