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The biggest gift giving season is in the rearview mirror for most of us, but there are some savvy shoppers out there already preparing for the next one!  If you are one, and you happen to have a special wingsuiter in your life, you might want to check out this item here – a water activated personal locator beacon!

All kidding aside, this past weekend 2 wingsuiters attending the Invasion at Skydive Sebastian, FL went out for a beach jump and found themselves taking a bath in the Atlantic ocean. One jumper was estimated to have landed about a quarter-mile out and the other one around the half mile mark.

As often, a chain of events that lead to the eventual outcome of not making it back to the designated landing area – or any form of dry land.  In this case, low experience with wingsuits along with lack of familiarity with the area and conditions (visiting jumpers at a boogie) were some of the things that factored in.   What the wingsuiters did have going for them was having done proper water training and being equipped with flotation devices. They knew how to conduct themselves on entry and in the water after landing until help arrived. The water temperature being somewhere around 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees C) certainly helped as well.

We are excited to bring you the entire story in an upcoming issue of Blue Skies Mag, where one of the jumpers will be sharing her story from start to finish. It is her wish that others may learn from the story and hopefully apply that to their own jumping, thus avoiding going for a swim.

In the meantime, those of you wingsuiting near water might want to check out “Wingsuits In The Water” – an article (+ video) written by Douglas Spotted Eagle .It was originally published on in December 2010 and addresses the specifics of wingsuits and water landings.

Stay safe in 2013!



  • Crap instruction from wingsuit “instructors,” bad winds, an organizer that didn’t pay attention to jump numbers or overall experience=chicks do all the cool stuff. The jumper F’d up but the organizer/leader of the group (as reported on another website) should step up.

    • Good input, I did not know that this was a part of an organized group, I was under the impression it was a casual 2-way. Hopefully the organizer learned some good lessons from it as well…

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