Weather Hold

Christmas presents for procrastinating skydivers? We got you covered.

Sometimes skydivers lose track of time, which is especially understandable this time of year when our focus is on  getting off work to get our butts to a holiday boogie in some warm, sweet, exotic location with lots of awesome airplanes and organizers.

If you lost yourself daydreaming about that next load and forgot to get the favorite skydiver in your life a Christmas present, don’t fret. Blue Skies Mag is here to help. You can save your butt and look fabulous for an ENTIRE YEAR by getting them a subscription to Blue Skies Magazine.

PD New Beginning

Just have your credit card ready and click here to take care of the details. Remember to add a note with your buddys name and mailing address so that we can get the January issue to the right place. You can also call the office (386-490-4499) to take care of things, or send an e-mail to Kolla with any questions that come up.  And now back to thinking about that next jump….


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