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Fresh Ballin’ in Freefall

Whilst 2/3rds of the Blue Skies Mag crew are not personally familiar with the condition of rank, stanky, sweaty balls, there is no denying that it happens, especially in Florida and other humid climates.  Apparently this issue isn’t isolated to the sport of skydiving, so a company out there has come up with a product especially aimed to improve the “situation” down under.

Sky families are the best families. |

Brent Smith of Drop Out, LLC recently shot a commercial for, featuring one of our beloved DeLand locals, Preston Drake. Ladies, enjoy the show – and gents, let us know in the comment section if any of you would be interested to do a review of the product, provided we can get you a sample!


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  • As the world’s top naked skydiver, I believe I’m most qualified to give this product a try-out. If it works as advertised, I’m sure those who ride in the Cessna with me would appreciate it as well.

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