Skydive City getting fenced in?

Skydive City manager David “TK” Hayes (bonus points to those old enough to know what the “TK” bit actually stands for!) has sent out a newsletter to protest the intentions of the City of Zephyrhills to put up a chain link security fence around the Z-hills Airport.  This would effectively cut off all access to the airport except through designated gates. The drop zone finds this to be intrusive, unnecessary and a risk to both jumpers and their business operations.

The City claims that the fence is being erected in the name of increased security. Skydive City points out that it already vets its customers and skydiving participants and have voluntarily implemented numerous security practices and procedures over the years.  The DZ managements suggests that there are other ways to ensure security and are willing to discuss with the city amending current procedures in ways that would not necessitate erecting physical barricades.

PD New Beginning

Skydive City has a petition going to James Drumm, Zephyrhills City Manager and Mike Handrahan, Airport Manager. If you would like to lend them support by adding your name to the petition, click here.

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