Docking drama in Dubai

When thousands of skydivers from just about every corner in the world gather in one place to compete, we can expect a little bit of drama.  In Dubai, the 2-way Sequential Canopy Formations (CF/CRW) competition has been center stage for some interesting interpretations of rules or flat-out breaking of rules, or maybe just forgetfulness of rules. It’s hard to tell.

The rules for CF – much like any other discipline –  say “no practice jumps” after competition has begun/draw completed.  Those rules were recently amended to include “no formation building below 2000 feet”, in response to a certain team that got into the habit of running through the next competition jump after completing their current competition jump – down and dirty.  So not technically going on a practice jump, but still kind of cheating – or just an extremely creative interpretation of rules.  The updated version was put in place to promote safety.

This year in Dubai, the Russian main team (Russia 1) was allegedly observed – and recorded – running through the sequence for round 3 after completing work in time on the competition jump for round 2.  Officials gave the Russian team a zero for the round as a penalty for safety violation, and also stipulated that the particular round could not be used as their throw-out round.  The Russian team 1 was then allowed to continue competition.

PD New Beginning

During the very same round, two other teams (Australia team 2 and Great Britain team 2) had a little hanky panky after their respective competition jumps were over, and built a little 3-stack.  Officials reportedly reacted a bit harsher to the 3-stack and disqualified both teams from competition, rendering zero for that round and all to follow.  Individuals on those teams are still exploring their option.  Citing a great discrepancy in how their safety violation was handled, compared to the Russian version of safety violation, they hope to be allowed to return to competition.

Scores for the event can be found on the IPC website – follow this link – and then click on the “Canopy Formation 2-Way Sequential – Open” block.  At this point what we are reporting on is gathered through the grapevine from our sources on site in Dubai who would rather not be named. We will be sure to update you as we find out more.


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