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Issue #37 Ready for Thanksgiving

Blue Skies Mag issue 37

Cover photo by Jens Esselstrom

Happy Thanksgiving! The November issue is out in the world now to all subscribers. If you’re not a subscriber but like what you see, sign up here:*.

The holidays normally delay mailing this time of year – Superstorm Sandy has delayed things even more – so if you don’t have your magazine by Tuesday, November 27, contact

Here is what you can discuss around the turkey table:

PD New Beginning

  • The first tit4tatinstallment!
    • Breast cancer awareness for all.
  • Peace, Love, Wingsuits: A 100-Way Diamond for the Record Books | by Taya Weiss, Raise the Sky
    • Lots of those flying squirrel suits.
  • Mission to the Eiger, Part 1 | by Alastair Macartney, Jump4Heroes
    • More of those squirrels, different continent.
  • Demo, Eh: Red Bull Air Force Goes to Canada | by Scott Cave, Skydive Professional
    • What do those guys like to do when they’re not getting paid to fly?
  • The Self-Proclaimed Ambassador of BASE: Miles Daisher, Part 1 | by Cynthia Guzman, Cynthia Lynn Chronicles
    • Miles and miles of Miles.
  • Skydiving Is So Gay! | by Eli Godwin, Parody Songwriter
    • Literally gay, not the awful way immature jacknuggets say it.
  • Control Yourself! | by Beth Athanas, Dallas Storm
    • Mental techniques to conquer your brain.
  • Tales of the Badass: Douglas Spotted Eagle | by Sydney Owen, 3Ring Media
    • Sydney interviews another badass.
  • F*@#in’ Holidays | by the F*@#in’ Pilot
    • Turkey Day with the biological fam or the DZ fam?
  • Clear the Lint | by Melanie Curtis, highcomms
    • Making good decisions from the guy.
  • Aerodynamics for Dummies: Skin Friction, the Sexy Side of the Force | by Julien Peelman, NZ Aerosports
    • Using honey on a hottie’s abs to illustrate.

Did you know you can check your subscription expiration on the mailing label of your Blue Skies Magazine? You can. No lie.

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