Ben Lowe to lead Tony Suit Wingsuit Instructor Program

Tony Suit has announced that Ben Low will be in the lead for the Tony Suit Wingsuit Rating program.  The structure is set so that Ben acts as the program Examiner and will be in charge of creating training material with the with support of a board of advisers. This is done to ensure influence and input from several viewpoints and prevent the program from being controlled by one person but rather by a group of peers.

Ben is an accomplished skydiver, educator and an examiner – decorated like a Christmas tree when it comes to ratings,  Ben currently holds ratings as a senior rigger, coach, AFF-I, Strong/Sigma tandem instructor, Phoenix Fly coach, Skydive U coach and lastly both Coach and Tandem examiner. Latest in a long list of accomplishments in the skydiving world is the title of a DZO at Arches Air Sports in Moab, Utah.

PD New Beginning

Stay tuned to the Tony Suit Wingsuits website for more information in coming months about the program.


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