Guess the Past Life

A few months back, Mike Gruwell from ChutingStar wrote about the past lives many people in the skydiving industry had. Can you guess whose past life these photos belong to?


Let’s start with an easy one. Our mystery man is not a child in this photo.


He’s one of these guys…


Here’s a clue.


An even better clue, with fährting


Okay this is the easiest challenge ever.

Still don’t know? It’s Kurt Gaebel! If you haven’t read about his past life as a famous fussballer, seek out a copy of Blue Skies Mag issue #34 and find out how a professional German soccer league gave birth to the National Skydiving League.

PD New Beginning

And oh my, he’s quite the celebrity all around – the local paper did a nice profile of Papa Pink. Wait, who calls Kurt Papa Pink?!

Photos courtesy Kurt Gaebel

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