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Top 5 Red Bull Stratos Videos

I’ve found myself watching as many Red Bull Bull Stratos videos as possible, and I still can’t get enough. After pouring through a dozen or so, there were five that really stood out. Both in terms of entertainment as well as the story aspect of several key components that were crucial to the success of the mission.

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Here they are, enjoy!

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The Red Bull Stratos science team spent five years developing the capsule. Interviews from Felix Baumgartner, Joe Kittinger, and Red Bull Stratos technical director Art Thompson walk us through a step by summary of how the capsule was developed and built.

PD New Beginning


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Red Bull Stratos brought on Dr. Andy Walshe to serve as the mission’s high performance director. On the physical side, when the capsule was depressurized Felix felt like he was carrying around an extra couple hundred pounds. On the mental side, spending five plus hours in tight environment seems to be A LOT tougher than you’d initially think.

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The Red Bull Stratos team needed a balloon that was 1,000% larger just to get Felix Baumgartner the 17% increase in altitude he needed to break Joe Kittinger’s jump in 1960.

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Perhaps the great 5 minute video I’ve ever seen! This is a summary of jump day and Felix Baumgartner’s successful return to earth.


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You haven’t achieved true greatness until you’ve been honored LEGO style.


There it is, my Top Five Red Bull Stratos Videos. Do you have any honorable mentions, or videos that should have made the top five? If so, share them in the comments section and let me know what you think.

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