TonySuit to start up wingsuit training program in 2013

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TonySuit Wingsuits have just announced on their website that February 2013 will bring about the introduction of a manufacturer sponsored wingsuit training program.
Courses for Coach Candidate will begin in February 2013 as well and be lead by a TonySuit appointed USPA Coach Examiner. We will make sure to keep you posted as the details of the program are unveiled.

PD New Beginning

Although most all wingsuiters agree that training and minimum skills are required before introducing a regular freefaller to the art of wingsuiting, much debate has been about the specifics. Who should issue these ratings? Who should train the trainers? Should USPA (or similar organizations) get involved?
The online forums on have seen a great deal of discussions/arguments but at this stage the wingsuiting community is far from being of one mind about the solution.

TonySuits hopes that introducing their own standards for training jumpers in the use of their suits, they will contribute to increased safety and education amongst the new birds.


  • And why doesnt TonySuit adopt the trainin methods already in place with years of experience by Sfly an Phoenix instead of reinvent the wheel?

    • Mitchel, we have not seen the plan so we can’t know how similar or how far apart they are at this point – or how things will be come February 2013. At this point they are not ready to release additional information, so we will sit tight and wait to see how things unfold.

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