US FreeFly Team Nor Cal Alliance Heads for Second Gold

Lodi’s team, Nor Call Alliance, heads to the US Nationals next week ready to keep the gold they earned last year.  They’ve trained a lot harder this year and watching this year’s videos Nor Cal’s evolution this year is nothing short of mind-blowing.

The Artistic portion of Free Fly at the Nationals draws at best half a dozen teams who compete against each other with only one dive flow for the judges. The team, led by TJ Landgren, agreed to sit with me for a few minutes after one of handful of training days left before heading off to the USPA Nationals and then off to Dubai to represent the US.

As a casual observer one would never even notice this team training, much less a gold medal winning team. The team is relaxed and having fun at their local DZ quietly working on perfection.  Due to the competitive nature of the artistic completion, no team shares their dives. For this story I was given a few dives from last year’s competition so you, the viewer, could get an idea of what this team is going for.  The difference between the dives here and what they are doing now are miles apart in consistency, form and synchronicity.

Nor Cal says So Cal Converge is the biggest threat this year and Nor Cal says they are prepared to take them down no matter what.

PD New Beginning

Take a quick moment to meet the USA Reps in Artistic Free Fly this year in Dubai, last year’s Gold Medal winners and possible another year of reigning gold at the upcoming Nationals.

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See you at the Nationals, enjoy the interview.


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