Bridge Day bits

Aaaand, it’s a wrap.
As it turns out, cell reception is not something they are too concerned with up there in the mountains and gorges of West Virginia – but all is well as we got the updates from Tyf as soon as she drove into reception range.

Quotes from Bridge Day:

Sky families are the best families. |


  • “My butt hurts from that 3way…..can I get drunk now?” Tyler Hartung
  • “Suck less, pull low, and party hard” David “cupcake” Pugin
  • “All boys talk is about is their penises, stuff they can put their penises in, and dubstep” Tammy Tommaseo
  • “This morning I was very nervous….as soon as I jumped it was just calm. Not at all what I expected.” Miguel Chalmers (1st bridge day!)

I think I was one of very few to wake up this morning without a hangover, I doubt the same will be said about tomorrow morning.  Slowly made my way to the bridge this morning, it seemed much more low-key than last year. Being that I’m not a “real basejumper”, my goal for the day was not to get in as many jumps as possible, but more to really enjoy the few that I do get in. (Not to say that those who do 6+ don’t enjoy them)
Half the fun of bridge day (besides the parties) is watching the spectators. Listening to their commentary is sometimes better the bd m.c. The West Virginia accent only makes it better.  They said they were expecting close to 200,000 spectators this year.


And then after everything was packed up and put away, it was on to the party.  Tyfani only managed a few snippets from there, wich we will take as an indication that she had a good time ;)

“Russian people live up to their reputation” Anonymous (due to the fact that they can’t tell mommy they’re jumping of bridges)
“Suck less.” Tom Baker
“Its awesome being around so many awesome people. For real.” Josh Sheppard
“When you think you’re fucked, just pull.” Anon. (Yep, same pansy that won’t tell his mommy)

And lastly, a huge thanks to Bad Seed Base and YouScared? from Tyfani & co, for the awesome rig and canopy used during the event. She also got to demo a new camera called the Chameleon camera – it shoots forward and behind you at all times.  We hope to get to see the footage from that one soon!


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