Bridge Day Fever….

It’s that time of year again, where all roads seem to lead to the New River Gorge in West Virginia. Yep, it’s Bridge Day time.
BASE equipment vendors are already on site, and the crowds are gathering. The weather for the weekend looks pretty pleasant, with a slight possibility of showers tomorrow morning and a high of 54.

We have a purple-haired spunky little pixy on site for the weekend, who is going to send us updates, news and information as she has time to.
Please allow me to introduce freestylist, tunnel-bad-ass, BASE jumper and all around great girl Tyfani Detky. Tyf has some Blue Skies Magazines in her luggage, so look her up if you want a sample. How do you find her? Well… if you can’t find her, well – then you should probably have your eyes checked.

Sky families are the best families. |

Below are her first couple of notes, from the journey on the way up and as she starts to experience the local wildlife:

Bridge Day sounds fun and all, right? It’s when you get half way there in a car with three boys that you start rethinking you decision. After stopping for a few hours at a shady motel to sleep and clog up the toilet (the three boys, not me) we’re back on the road. I think most of us are more excited about the party than the jump. I mean, Why else does one go to bridge day?

We stopped at Cracker Barrel, ya know good ‘ole southern homemade cookin, right? As we’re going to pay at the register in the old timey store, the cashier asks us if we’re jumping off the bridge tomorrow. “What gave it away, our lack of a deep southern accent? The multiple tattoos and piercings most of us have? The purple hair? No, it must be the two jackets, scarf and flip-flops.” I thought. I asked her what made her think that? Y’all just look like you would. 

tyf out.

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