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Good morning, swooper style

Our buddy Daniel Croft doesn’t only make videos for us to enjoy – he also an amateur barista, creating delicious looking coffees every morning.  Most of the time he goes for the flowery, leafy, onion type looking decorations in the froth,  but recently Blue Skies Mag issued a challenge:  Make us a swooper, Daniel!

And he complied.  He said it was a bit hard to do, so further experimentation is necessary.  We were intrigued to see that even with all kinds of great swoop gods out there currently hard core training for the World Meet in Dubai, being a true Ranch jumper, Daniel chose a subject closer to home and featured Kamuran ‘Sonic’ Bayrasli as the swooper in his cup. We think it came out great – so what’s next, Daniel? A freeflyer? 4-way turning points? Skysurfer?

PD New Beginning

I know the photos is a little upside down, but it looks weird if I flip it…  so just deal with it :)

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