GoPro HERO3 released

In the past couple of years, we have seen GoPro’s pop up on helmets, harnesses, feet, shoes, hands, sticks, tucked into canopies and in places we can’t even imagine. The GoPro has given the skydiving community an incredible amount of mediocre footage – but also some absolute gems shot from angles that blow our minds. The shot from the center of the recent head down world record probably the most memorable one from recent weeks.

Last night, GoPro sent quite the waves through the skydiving community as it launched the much-anticipated and awaited HERO3.  It comes in 3 flavors: the Black “pimp edition” ($399), the classic Silver “middle of the road” ($299) and the White “generic”.

PD New Beginning


The major changes are a departure from the clunky box shape to a bit thinner body, different location of the lens and a smaller battery. For a full review and detailed information, visit the Hypoxic website to read Trunk’s thorough comparison of the HERO2 and HERO3 in its full glory.

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