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Large Completed Skydive Formation, photo by Harry Parker Photograhy
Written by The Harry Parker

Just a few short weeks ago I found myself lucky enough to be invited to shoot with Craig O’Brien and his camera team for the P3 100-way camp at Skydive Perris Valley.

The four-day event went great with a completion on the last two jumps of the last day. Lots of drama, hard work, coaching by the P3 Staff. There was an incredible leap of performance by camp participants and it wasn’t till later when I interviewed Kate Cooper of P3 why that was the case. The struggle, fails and successes were then highlighted by completion in the 4th quarter with 2 minutes remaining. The energy of the event was an awesome experience. Even as just a cameraman, one couldn’t help but feel part of the group. Just like a record attempt, but completely different.

Always love coming to Perris and the West coast in general.  Something always big is happening out here and this time it was big way formation skydiving.  Four days of back to back jumping from high altitude as a hired gun skydiving photographer makes for a great week.

There is nothing like jumping out of planes, in formation, with  your buddies and a plan to capture all the action. comparing, collaborating, pushing each other to do the best, be the best and get the shots is a great environment to be around. Our daily round robin exiting positions allowed me to get a full day of currency in every plane and familiarize myself with the back drops of Skydive Perris.

After the event I cranked out a number of blog posts and email blasts for my new Skydiving Newsletter focusing on Photography.  The blog posts go day by day in the life of, with some inside looks from different exit and plane positions.  It’s a look at the event through the lens of a skydiving photographer.

The newsletter goes into more detail on the photography side and expands on each post including equipment, camera settings and interviews with Craig O’Brien, Terry Weatherford, and an article on the new content, debrief and delivery system.

PD New Beginning

If you’re interested in skydiving photography, looking to get into the action, get better at what you already do or want to collaborate on the evolution and the art itself, then sign up for The Harry Parker Skydiving Photography Newsletter.   When you do you will get 13 of my most talked about one click wonders for Adobe Lightroom and a video to show you how to use them, make them and get more for free.

Check out these blog posts of big way formation skydiving through the lens of a photographer.

P3 Big Way Camp Skydive Perris Day 1 – Right Trail Plane
P3 Big Way Camp Skydive Perris Day 2 – Left Trail Plane
p3 Big Way Camp Skydive Perris Day 3 – Lead Plane
p3 Big Way Camp Skydive Perris Day 3 – Success

Enjoy. Now go shoot something.


Large Completed Skydive Formation, photo by Harry Parker PhotograhyBig way skydiving exit, photo by harry parker photographySkydiving base exits skyvan, photo by harry parker photographySkydiver sits next to open door on way to exit, photo by harry parker photographySkydivers form the base after exiting the lead plane on big way skydive, photo by harry parkerSkydivers ride on the outside of an otter prior to exit big way skydive, photo by harry parkerDan BC Pep brings unity to the lead plane before exit big way skydiving, photo by harry parker

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