Stratos Altitrack

Felix had some pretty nifty gear with him on the Stratos jump.  One of the gadgets was an Altitrack altimeter from Larsen & Brusgaard, which looked pretty simple on the outside but was something oh-so-special on the inside.

The hardware and casing are the exact same as a regular Altitrack, but the software and face of the altimeter were developed specially for the Red Bull Stratos mission. To spare Felix from counting how many times the needle would make a trip around the dial, this particular one was equipped so that the entire jump was one smooth motion from start to finish.  If you check out the altimeter face, you’ll see numbers you probably won’t see on your own :)
The software took over a year to develop and L&B was in close cooperation with mission specialist Luke Aikins the entire time.  Luke is an experienced skydiver himself and had some valuable input during the developmental and testing phases.

PD New Beginning

L&B noted that even if they don’t expect to sell a ton of the Stratos version of the altimeter, they were proud and excited to be a part of the project.


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