The Great Summer of Skydiving

My northern hemisphere friends, I have some news. You might want to sit down. I’m really sorry to break this to you, but summer is over.

It was a really, really, really good summer though, amiright? Between Gary Connery landing his wingsuit without a parachute, then playing the Queen jumping into the Olympics, Jeb Corliss on Conan (and everywhere), the skydiving grannie heard ’round the world, the 138-way record, and Felix Baumgartner’s Stratos attempt, Skydive Carolina branded 2012 “The Great Summer of Skydiving” – and really, who would disagree? “Not since the early X Games … or Point Break has skydiving been so prominently featured in the public eye. Skydiving has been front and center this season and for those of us in the industry – it’s been awesome!!”

PD New Beginning

They put together a fantastic summary in their August newsletter, which you can – and totally should – read here (scroll down a bit to get to it).

News from Skydive Carolina

screengrab from – click to read the full thing

Hmm, I wonder if this could have anything to do with USPA’s recent announcement that membership has now topped the previous record?

USPA announced a new membership record

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